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Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2022

Pretoria, South Africa

South Africa has long been a leader on the African continent and around the globe for sustainability science and innovation as well as participatory approaches to action research.

The country boasts an exceptional network of universities working at the forefront of resilience and has strong ties to private sector and industry research that is moving  new green ideas to market, building innovation capacity and providing sustainability career opportunities to meet Africa’s Agenda 2063.

It is also home to civil society and hybrid organizations that co-manage South Africa’s natural resources together with local experts, traditional knowledge holders, and both local to regional government representatives.

The Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress is a series of gatherings uniting global research leaders, experts, industry and innovators to inspire action and promote a sustainability transformation.

A joint initiative of Future Earth and the Belmont Forum, it is a space of fierce advocacy for sustainability scholarship and innovation, transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration and action. The first SRI Congress, SRI2021, was held in Brisbane, Australia, on June 12-15, 2021.

The next Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress in 2022 will be held in Pretoria, South Africa, hosted by the Future Africa Institute at the University of Pretoria.


SRI2022 will actively promote a future-oriented perspective on skills development to produce a new generation of transformation-minded innovators and leaders.

The University of Pretoria has recognized the need for inter- and transdisciplinary research and has over time invested in the creation of many inter- and transdisciplinary research collaborations in the form of cross-cutting research themes, institutes, centers and programs.

The Future Africa Institute is an initiative by the University of Pretoria to develop innovative transdisciplinary skills transfer programs to address Africa’s growth and development challenges. This major investment (US $23 million just in infrastructure from 2014 onward) from the University of Pretoria provides advanced facilities and capacity for developing problem-oriented, interconnected and Pan-African research networks for innovation.

From Future Africa’s perspective, research specific transdisciplinarity integrates perspectives across academic disciplines, scales and sectors, understanding that linear thinking will not create the most effective solutions to global challenges.


A global meeting committed to translating knowledge to action.

SRI2022 will draw on the lessons learned from SRI2021, with the major difference that in 2022, we will go deeper in exploring next generation conferencing and move towards greater inclusivity and lower carbon footprint by considering a distributed convening.

Similar to SRI2021, we anticipate an interactive meeting format, with a mix of both plenary and parallel sessions, short “ignite” style presentations, and significant opportunity for mixing and information exchange – panels, trainings, workshops, stakeholder involvement, and innovation demonstrations, with significant space for sponsors and cyber-enabled engagement.