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SRI2022 will represent a new type of accessible, green and truly global multi-location event, with several inter-connected SRI hubs scattered across the globe.

We will develop a strong online program to support and amplify in-person sessions, which together will spin into a global discussion generating novel connections between places, participants and ideas.

The hosts, who have yet to be announced, will support the capactiy and experience necessary to provide a venue accessible for up to 700 attendees from around the world for a 3-day conference, with multiple side meetings before and after the event. As virtual participation will be a key element of SRI2022, the hosts are providing facilities that enable interactive online engagement at scale. Hosts will also play a key role in designing and facilitating the meeting. SRI2022 will take place between March and June 2022.


A global meeting committed to translating knowledge to action.

SRI2022 will draw on the lessons learned from SRI2021, with the major difference that in 2022, we will go deeper in exploring next generation conferencing and move towards greater inclusivity and lower carbon footprint by considering a distributed convening.

Similar to SRI2021, we anticipate an interactive meeting format, with a mix of both plenary and parallel sessions, short “ignite” style presentations, and significant opportunity for mixing and information exchange – panels, trainings, workshops, stakeholder involvement, and innovation demonstrations, with significant space for sponsors and cyber-enabled engagement.